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The dreams that wished to the star part 2

by дээр Зургаадугаар сар 25, 2012

———- ♥ The dreams that wished to the star ♥ ———–
translator:Huslen (mgl 4nia)
writer:Baaaska (mgl 4nia)

JIYOON:Aish~ I can’t wait! I’m gonna go to my home! I miss my parents!
GAYOON: Don’t say like that!
JYOON: Hey tell us something! *look at Jihyun*
JIHYUN: How about we make FAN meeting and give them our signature?
SOHYUN: That’s good idea! That’s good we have something to do 🙂
GAYOON: Look? *to Jiyoon*
————————You are in Korea———————————–
YOU: How fast! Korea is wonderfull!
…………………You were talking with your roommate………………….
ROOMMATE: Btw, do you like kpop music?
YOU: No, i don’t care about the little things :3
But I love the one WONDERFUL band named 4MINUTE!
ROOMMATE: Oh! you are so lucky! They are gonna make FAN MEETING and GIVE their SIGNTURE soon!
YOU: Oh really? Guide me to that MEETING!
ROOMMATE: ok ok !
———-Tomorrow on Fan meeting with 4minute——————-
YOU: OMG! I’m looking them in real!!!!
ROOMMATE: You are better than the stalker who take SOHYUN to his/her car!
YOU: OH my god! then what happened?
ROOMMATE: After few minutes Sohyun came out and later one stalker was chasing Jiyoon and shouted “I love You”
YOU: Wow, what should I do know?
ROOMMATE: ok, your turn!
YOU: what should I do? *nervous*
SOHYUN: Hello, you are so cute ^^
YOU: I, I, I,…….
SOHYUN: What is your name?
YOU: My name is ……….
SOHYUN: How to write? You are not korean right?
YOU: Yes, I came from ………..
SOHYUN: thank you for supporting us!
YOU: *bow to maknae and stand in front of Jihyun* How cute you are!
JIHYUN: Oh, thank you!
YOU: I, I love you
JIHYUN: ah~ hehe *smile* -And she got an idea-
Ah I found! You sit there and wait us pls?
YOU: YES! Sure!
——————–After the MEETING————————
JIYOON: Well you are really cute!
GAYOON: Good to sing?
YOU: *thinking* —-> “what is happening to me”
JINTAEK: Hello, I’m Hong Jintaek! 4minute’s manager!
YOU: oh yes! I know! Hello *bow*
JIHYUN:Will you be our trainee?
YOU: Are you kidding?
———————–AFTER a WEEK—————————
YOU: *thinking*——> “I’m studying well! and I’m trying hard! It’s really lucky ~”
HYUNA: Her dancing is getting better!
GAYOON: But singing is not enough!
SOHYUN: But she will not be VOCALIST~ So it’s ok I think!
JINTAEK: Yeah, getting better!
BTW, if the new member will be good Then you girls will do COMEBACK! So try hard!
YOU: Hello unnie…
JIYOON: Did you do practise well?
YOU: yes!
JIYOON: ok Everything is in your hand!
YOU: Yes I know! BTW, He is so cute! *point at Yoseob*
JIYOON:Which? ah~ Seobie?
YOU: Yes! When I was your fan I used to love him too 🙂
JIYOON: ummm ok, but now you should forget about it!
YOU: YES unnie!
———————-At Cube dorm——————————
HYUNA: aigoo! I’m so tired~
SOHYUN: My unnie is doing everything so you must tired~
JIHYUN: Can you talk about this at another place?
HYUNA:What did I do wrong?
JIYOON: Aigoo! stop it girls! Let’s give a korean name for our new member!
YOU: Why? stage name is enough~
JIHYUN: We all have our own names
YOU: Ok~
GAYOON: How about Ha Jeogyeon?
YOU: Sounds good!
HYUNA: that’s not so special name~
YOU: it’s enough for me
HYUNA: Ok~ your right!
JIHUN: From now we should work hard~
HYUNA: Ofcourse!
JIHYUN: From tomorrow we can’t rest well so sleep early today!
———————MORNING— Your phone is ringing————-
ROOMMATE:Wow congratulations! And Good luck!
You are 1st in the internet~!
YOU: thank you!
SOHYUN: What is it?! WOW Jeogyeon~ah! You are already a star!
you are in first place at internet page!
HYUNA: Wow,yes! you are!………………………..TO BE CONTINUE…………………………….

2 Сэтгэгдлүүд
  1. Kim Hyuna permalink

    Waiting the next part -.-

  2. Sunny_Hyomin♥Soyeon permalink

    sonirholtoi bn shu ingej orulsan chin kk

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