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the dream that wished to the star (part 1)

by дээр Зургаадугаар сар 25, 2012

за манайхааан ХҮСЛЭЭ бид 2 нийлж байгаад оддод шивнэсэн хүслээ eng ver болгохоор шийдлээ тэгш тоотойг нь манай ХҮСЛЭЭ сондгой тоотойг нь би хийхээр болсон за ингээд ХҮСЛЭЭГийнхаа хийсэн ENG VER хийе

♥ I’m not so perfect at this but hope you will like it and support me ! ♥
So,YOU are the MAIN ROLE of this little story. You are not just an 4NIA you STALKER and lives in your own country. And you have a big dream. That is you wanna be 4minute’s member.And you think it’s impossible.
Ok, let’s see what will happen.
writer: Baaska (mgl 4nia)
translator: Huslen (mgl 4nia)
————— ♥ My dream that wished to the star ♥ ———-
YOU:Oh my girls! See how pretty you are! When will we meet and I feel happiness? *sigh*
Ok my lovely girls goodnight~ *kiss their photo*
—————-IN THE MORNING~————————————-
MOM: Aigoo! You always don’t sleep in the night and don’t wake up in the morning! WAKE UP!! hurry!
YOU: ok, ok! in 5minutes!
MOM: Let’s have a breakfast! I prepared it!
YOU: Ok mom thanks! but I don’t wanna eat anything.
MOM: *upset* Aigoo! ok then! Come home earlier today! Don’t late!
YOU: Ok mom, see you~
——————–AT CLASS~————————————–
CLASSMATE:what should we do today? Last few days were so boring!
YOU:Anyway, I must go home earlier today! My mom asked me to come home earlier!
YOU: Why? can’t?
CLASSMATE: No,no ofcourse you can haha *still shocked*
btw, why 4minute girls are being so silent last few weeks?
YOU: I don’t know, I wonder why too hmmmm~
JIYOON: aigoo, seems like our entertainment and our fans are forgetting us *bored face*
GAYOON:Yeah ,I wonder it too. When we did COMEBACK last?
HYUNA: Calm down girls! Hope our COMEBACK will release soon~
SOHYUN: It’s easy for you to say like that Hyuna!
HYUNA: what are you meaning?
SOHYUN: they will not forget you!
HYUNA: aigoo! stop it!
JIHYUN: girls! stop talking like that!
GAYOON: Does our leader have any good news?
JIHYUN: I have! but….
JIYOON: what is it? tell us!!
JIHYUN: WE will do COMEBACK soon but we must have a new member!
JIYOON: oh, that’s impossible! remember about old time! aish!!
JIHYUN: yes! I know right! hmmmmmm~
YOU: Mom! I’m home!
MOM: oh my darling, your father want to talk to you something.
YOU: *thinkin* –> “what did I do wrong?”
Dad! I’m here~~
DAD: oh come here!
YOU: *sit near with your dad*
DAD: You wanna go to Korea right?
YOU:YES! ofcourse! but it’s impossible! *suddenly sad*
DAD: why? did we say “we will not let you go”?
YOU: will you let me go to KOREA?
DAD: yes! I guess so *smile*
YOU: OMG! REALLY???? *shout and jump*
DAD: handle your school work!
YOU: Ok dad, from now I’ll try hard! Thank you very much dad and mom!
—————*happy and go to your room*———————–
YOU: ok my lovely girls! WAIT me! I’m flying to you!!!
Wow! star is shooting! time to wish my dream!
*wishing* –> “Maybe this dream will not come true! But I wanna be with 4minute forever! plsss”
———————AFTER A WEEK——————————–

…………………….. TO BE CONTINUE………………………………

5 Сэтгэгдлүүд
  1. tgd mgloor orkumu

    • ornooooo ornooooooo

      • mm ok amjilt!!:D

  2. Leader Nam JiJi permalink

    yu ch gsn promote hiichlee zunduu olon set tsuglarah boltugai ~~~ ❤

  3. Kim Hyuna permalink

    Good story~~
    I like it~
    from mongolian 4nias?

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